We bring you a special July 4th edition of the Top 5 trending GitHub projects… on July 3rd! Isn’t that neat.

Without further ado…

#1: Meteor was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects

#2: Chart.js
This one’s about as simple as it gets: a collection of HTML5 charts using the <canvas> tag. Developed by Nick Downie, these clean charts for designers and developers can be visualized in six different formats with animation and interactivity customization. The charts are modular, responsive and dependency-free.

#3: Fast.js
A Codemix brainchild, Fast.js is a collection of micro-optimizations creating faster user-land re-implementations for several built-in JavaScript functions. It includes fast replacements for built-in native methods and common utility methods, and it is optimized for the V8 engine.

#4: SideComments.js
SideComments is a UI component that gives a site or app Medium.com-style comment management on the front end. Created by Eric Anderson, it allows users to comment directly on sections of content rather than the traditional comment stream on the bottom of the page.

#5: CSS Shrink
Exactly what it sounds like: a CSS minifier that shrinks down CSS code, developed by Stoyan Stefanov. Play around with it here.