Customers of Chartio, a powerful business intelligence tool anyone can use, can now embed Chartio dashboards, allowing them to use Chartio’s powerful analytics and reporting solution for their own customers.
“Many B2B companies not only need analytics for internal users, but to share data with their own customers. Chartio’s embedding enables them to do this while maintaining their brand and identity.” said Dave Fowler, Chartio CEO. “We built a solution that meets our customers’ needs while honoring Chartio’s philosophy: powerful, yet easy to use. We’re excited to help our customers grant next-level insights to their own end users.”
Chartio is a cloud BI tool that links directly to a company’s databases, making it possible to display real-time charts of operational data. Companies such as Lyft, Optimizely, and Tilt already use Chartio for their internal business dashboards.
With embedding, Chartio provides web developers with the code they need to place dashboards and charts inside web applications, making it possible for their customers to quickly visualize live data. Chartio embedding is designed from the ground up to give each end user a deep view of their own data, while keeping other data on the server secure.
Chartio users can provide their own customers with the same KPI’s, charts, and indices from the same data sources and formulas that they use internally. This can make their developers and analysts more efficient and help them understand their customers’ perspective better.
LevelUp, a one-touch payments and loyalty platform used by more than 14,000 merchants nationwide, has been embedding Chartio dashboards to provide partner merchants with more than 40 business performance charts – enabling a deep view into customer behavior and store-by-store performance.
“Our new analytics platform gives LevelUp merchants the power to easily visualize, track and understand what’s going on at every level of their business,” says Alex Shuck, LevelUp’s Director of R&D. “Chartio saved us a ton of development time over creating our own visualizations in-house. Plus their dashboards look great.”
LevelUp chose to embed Chartio, because of its simple implementation process, but the benefits went beyond implementation. LevelUp needed only one engineer and a couple of weeks to deploy embedded analytics to their customers. And they’re able to serve their customers better. Using Chartio’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, account managers can respond to client requests by creating and delivering a graph or report with a few clicks.