As software developers, you’re keenly aware of your software life cycle, especially if you’re in an enterprise. Chef has long advocated the management of infrastructure in a fashion similar to software: change management, testing, and version control. Today, the company introduced Chef Delivery, a new set of tools for managing Chef cookbooks and recipes alongside the software they’re used with.

Alex Ethier, vice president of product at Chef, said, “[Chef Delivery] allows you to manage the continuous flow of changes to the infrastructure and the application. There is a common workflow for any kind of change, whether it’s for the infrastructure or applications. The Chef Platform supports all these success patterns.”

As Chef is used with what are essentially scripts, Chef Delivery includes Git as a method of storing and controlling these scripts (better known as recipes) and collections (better known as cookbooks). As these assets sometimes change as frequently as the applications that run on top of the environments they describe, Chef Delivery allows for these assets to be tracked, diffed and stored for future needs.

“This is a completely new product built from scratch,” Ethier said. “It’s built with a Git server in it. It’s a combination of CLI and Web application that you install on premises. It really lets you manage the governance along the change. You can control who can change what and when. It lets you create pipelines, visualize the changes, and also run all the your unit tests, integration tests, and smoke tests.”

Ethier said that Chef Delivery can be used with other source-code-management systems, such as GitHub Enterprise. This allows software to live in its existing repositories, but still be pulled by Chef Delivery when going through deployment.

Chef Delivery offers many GitHub-like features, including comments, pull requests and code reviews. The primary differentiating feature, said Ethier, is the governance capabilities, which lock down infrastructure code so that those who are unauthorized cannot edit the recipes that define that infrastructure.

Chef Delivery was introduced today at Chef Conf in Santa Clara.