After a month-long investigation into allegations of sexual harassment at GitHub, the company’s CEO Chris Wanstrath announced that cofounder Tom Preston-Werner has resigned. Preston-Werner and his wife Theresa were under scrutiny for sexual and gender-based harassment, and for creating a sexist and hostile work environment.

While the investigation didn’t find any evidence that supported legal claims against Preston-Werner and his wife, evidence of mistakes and errors of judgment surfaced.

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“In light of these findings, Tom has submitted his resignation, which the company has accepted,” wrote Wanstrath on the company’s blog. “Tom has been a huge part of this company from the very beginning and we appreciate all that he has done for GitHub. We wish him the best in his next endeavour.”

The claims of harassment came from former GitHub developer Julie Horvath, who publicly quit last month.

She recently tweeted: “Women at GitHub who sprang forward to defend the men who harassed me, it is naïve to think the same thing cannot and will not happen to you.”

In light of the investigation, GitHub is implementing a number of new human-resource and employee-led initiatives and training opportunities to ensure employee concerns and conflicts are taken more seriously and handled appropriately.

“We want to create a great place to work for all our employees, and we can’t do that without acknowledging the challenges that exist in providing an inclusive work environment,” Wanstrath wrote.

As for Preston-Werner, he says he will begin working with immersive computing.

“While the timing is more abrupt than I had intended, with everything that’s happened, I think now is the right time to do this,” he wrote on his website.

“With every decision I made at GitHub and in every interaction I had with employees, I tried to treat people better than they expected and to resolve conflict with empathy. Despite that, I’ve made mistakes, and I am deeply sorry to anyone who was hurt by those mistakes. It devastates me to know that I missed the mark, and I will strive to do better, every day.”

Preston-Werner went on to say that he and his wife are not guilty, and are prepared to legally fight any further claims on the matter.