#1. chromeos-apk
Google has been taking their time bringing Android apps to the Chrome Web store, but for those who want to run Android apps on desktop PCs, they no longer have to wait for Google. Created by Vlad Filippov, chromeos-apk is a command-line tool that makes it possible to run any Android application on Chrome OS, OS X, Linux and Windows. Filippov notes that his tool is a “proof of concept” and is not provided with any kind of warranty.

#2. sshrc
Created by Russell Stewart, sshrc allows users to bring their .bashrc, .vimrc, and other files with them when they SSH. It works like SSH, but sources the ~/.sshrc on users’ local computer after logging in remotely. It can be used to set environment variables, define functions and run post-login commands.

#3. SlackTextViewController
SlackTextViewController is an iOS UIViewController with a custom growing text input view and other messaging features. Created by Slack, SlackTextViewController is meant to replace UITableViewController and UICollectionViewController. It features iOS 7 and iPhone 6 and iPad compatibility, text append APIs, tap gesture, growing text view, and supports iOS 8, UITableView, UICollectionView, localization, rotation and external keyboards.


#4. iOS8-Sampler
iOS 8 is finally out, and as a result GitHub user Shuichi Tsutsumi has created iOS8-Sampler to provide a collection of code examples for the new iOS 8 functions. It provides examples of audio effects, image filters, custom filters, metal basic, metal uniform streaming, SceneKit, HealthKit, TouchID, visual effects, Ruby annotation, WebKit, UIAlertController, user notification, altimeter, pedometer, AVKit, histogram, code generator, new fonts, popover, and accordion fold transition.

#5. mdp
Michael Göhler wanted to find a command-line-based presentation tool, but didn’t like the ones he’d come across. He liked the demo presentation and color-fading feature of vtmc, but he didn’t like the concept of running Node.js in a non-client-server architecture. He also liked Remarkable, a markdown editor for Linux written in Python, but he also liked some of the features in vtmc. So he set out to combine the advantages of vtmc and Remarkable, coming up with MDP, a command-line-based markdown presentation tool. It supports basic markdown formatting and headers prefixed by the @ symbol.