Microdasys Inc. and Chuanhow Tech jointly announced a distribution partnership that provides the Taiwanese market with Microdasys’ leading edge security solutions.

Microdasys has a stellar record in IT security and has received international recognition for the ability to bring vital security solutions to existing infrastructures. The goal is to develop security solutions with the power to close real-world security gaps before they become targets for sophisticated cyber criminals.

SSL encryption, XML/SOAP, RSS feeds and web services will continue to grow exponentially while traditional content scanners and firewalls are incapable of inspecting these protocols and applications.

Microdasys’ products enable the adoption and safe use of SSL encryption and XML/SOAP applications in the enterprise network.

Microdasys’ latest product, GeoShield for Microsoft Forefront TMG, which provides visibility into the true geographical location of a server as well as data source and destination, will also be distributed by Chuanhow Tech.

“We are very excited to add Chuanhow Tech to our world-wide network of security partners,” said Dr. David Hemmans, Director of Sales at Microdasys. “SSL encryption is still the easiest way to circumvent enterprise security scanners and security gaps are widening with the strong growth and adoption of SOA and Cloud web services. Chuanhow Tech has a proven track record of successfully bringing new technologies to Taiwan and is a highly qualified distribution partner that can assist and support our channel partners and end users in that region.”

As enterprises move to the cloud and utilize any of the existing and emerging “X”-aaS services, they need to regain complete visibility into the data that is obscured by SSL and XML encryption. At the same time, the massive growth of sophisticated cybercrime attacks that originate from certain world regions and data protection and privacy laws require a new set of security policies that take geographical threat protection and location mapping into consideration.