CircleCI, the leader in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, today announced general availability of CircleCI for OS X. This announcement comes a little more than a year after CircleCI announced the acquisition of Distiller to support mobile app development. The new hosted iOS testing platform is now available for companies of all sizes and across industries to purchase and use.

The Easiest Way to Build and Deploy iOS
Application development speed is critical in today’s competitive landscape, and maintaining this speed is difficult as apps and systems grow larger and more complex. CircleCI for OS X allows iOS developers to build and test code for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch apps with significant improvement to the development cycle. Production bugs can sink a mobile app quickly. A mobile testing platform such as CircleCI for OS X enables software teams to detect and fix bugs before those bugs result in users delivering one-star ratings.

Leading Companies Depend on CircleCI
“CircleCI is one of our favorite services. They protect us from ourselves constantly. It’s an essential part in maintaining our high quality of work,” said Dan Rummel, chief technology officer of Shyp. “Best of all, they make CI/CD almost too easy.”

“I backed CircleCI because the team built the best software delivery offering for web apps, and I’m incredibly excited to see them launch a deeply integrated mobile app solution today,” said Bubba Murarka, partner, DFJ. “CircleCI helps businesses produce high quality software across web and mobile platforms. That’s why you see a long list of leading companies depend on CircleCI.”​

Functionality that Serves Companies Investing in Both Web and Mobile Development
“At its core this is about creating velocity for developers, to turn the release cycle from days to minutes without sacrificing quality,” said Jim Rose, CEO of CircleCI. “As the market has matured, the future of software development hinges on the ability for web and mobile teams to work seamlessly on a single platform. The goal is to be able to develop your backend and your mobile app on the same tool, and now we provide that.”

“CircleCI has made CI for both our Ruby on Rails backend and iOS app ​incredibly simple to setup and maintain. As we’ve scaled to one of the largest on-demand fashion rental services, we love that CircleCI ​is adaptive,​ seamlessly integrating with GitHub and automatically detecting and building new branches,” said Ryan Taylor, software architect at Le Tote. “We could not ask for more from a CI service ​in today’s mobile-first world.”

Mobile is Not One-Size-Fits-All
CircleCI provides more concurrency than any other offer in the market today so teams of any size can build better and scale rapidly. Mobile teams have varied needs to be effective, some teams queue behind web tests, other teams deploy all at once and limited concurrency can slow them down. Flexible pricing plans provide different minute capacities so that individuals or organizations only pay for the minutes they need.

With CircleCI for OS X, software teams can:

  • Move Fast: Unparalleled concurrency options, smarter Cocoapods caching, and key dependencies preinstalled bring a fast, functional and flexible experience.
  • Deploy with Confidence: Seamless codesigning, and out-of-the-box deployment capabilities with Crashlytics beta, HockeyApp and TestFairy, means less time configuring mobile CI/CD infrastructure and more time creating software.
  • Understand Build Data, Clearly and in Real Time: Insights, an interactive visual dashboard, enables CircleCI for OS X users to see and understand all builds at a glance and in real time.
  • Turn to First-Class Support: CircleCI is committed to providing the best support for users in all timezones. Updated documentation and a user forum, Discuss CircleCI enables individuals and teams to focus on the right solution and get back to building great apps.

Enterprise App Development
CircleCI Enterprise customers can also use the secure CircleCI OS X fleet to run their iOS builds. Announced separately today, CircleCI Enterprise on-prem deployment further expands options for modern software teams who want powerful CI/CD behind their firewall. CircleCI Enterprise enables customers to maintain complete control over access to their secure source code, test databases and other resources.

Availability and Additional Resources
CircleCI for OS X features above are generally available beginning today.

A 14-day free trial is available to ensure CircleCI is the right fit for your organization. To get started and learn more, visit

For even more details on how to get started, visit our iOS documentation site:

For detailed information on plans and pricing, please visit