CleverIS Technologies launched a complete payment test environment, enabling organizations to quickly stress test and understand the limits of the payment systems while providing an agile and independent test environment. Through a partnership with CLAI Solutions, a pioneer in payment solutions in Latin America, CleverIS now offers this proven and powerful payment test solution in North America.

Unlike any other solution on the market, the CleverIS Testing solution automatically generates payment transactions at the interval and frequency required and from any channel such as POS, ATM, terminals, XML and more for Merchants, Acquirer Banks or Processors, Card Networks and Issuer Banks. The end-to-end payment test solution fulfills the numerous requirements of each stackholder involved in the payment-authorization lifecycle. The CleverIS product and services solutions are available on-premises or as-a-service.

“We are very excited to partner with an innovator in the payment technology market, CLAI. Our new testing solution was built by a team of payment market experts on top of a well-defined and proven technology, which enables payment systems to be tested like never before,” said Julia Ito, CEO of CleverIS North America. “With CleverIS solutions, organizations can now securely predict the limits of their payment systems while expediting the implementation of a more agile payment test environment – a capability never before available.”

CLAI has deployed more than 360 solutions worldwide, helping organizations of all sizes completely simulate payment test environments and expedite the adoption of new technologies, such as BNA, IDM, EMV, and PCI. CLAI enables organizations to quickly respond to consumer demand, as well as continuous compliance and card regulation changes.

“For more than 25 years, CLAI has developed solutions for the payment segment. The need to test payment applications faster and better while allowing organization to become more proactive on possible environment limitations has driven CLAI to join CleverIS and offer a payment product solution 100% dedicated to test,” said Fernando Carmona, CEO of CLAI Solutions. “I am certain that with CleverIS we will continue to help organizations mitigate the risk of their payment systems and become more competitive.”

“We were aware that payment transaction load was rapidly increasing and a glitch could have cost us millions. CleverIS quickly helped us understand and then expand the limits of our payment system, all while ensuring continuous payment testing,” Christian Dueñas, Transactional Switch Leader of Falabella Bank. “We initially only wanted to find out the limitations of our payment systems, but expanded the scope of the project and now CleverIS solutions are running in test and production environments and handle all of our payment and banking transactions. The commitment, dedication and expertise of the team were critical factors to the success of the project.”

CleverIS is committed to providing a world-class portfolio of solutions and services that helps organizations transform the way payment applications are tested, and innovation is adopted by legacy applications.