Today, CleverIS Technologies announced a partnership with IBM to offer legacy transformation and modernization solutions that help organizations migrate to IBM Power Systems, including IBM’s POWER8. The partnership with IBM bolsters CleverIS Technologies’ proven IBM Power Systems expertise helping customers gain more from their IBM investments.

Transformation and modernization projects are ranked high in the CIO’s agenda due to the need to remain competitive in a fast paced business environment. Common denominators such as mobility, cloud adoption, TCO and the gap between the old and new technologies are forcing CIOs to re-evaluate how their legacy applications can continue to sustain their competitive advantage. CleverIS has helped several organizations successfully transform legacy applications to IBM Power Systems to handle their cloud, analytics and mobile workloads, as well as complex, mission-critical applications, including CDLRio, one of the most influential Brazilian retail entities that offers its customers access to the most powerful business information database in the country.

CleverIS partnered with CDLRio to migrate all applications, utilities, data and third-party solutions to the IBM Power System platform because of its reliability, scalability and ability to handle high transaction volumes.

“We knew that the project was risky, however, in order to continue growing our competitive advantage, we had to change. As important as the decision was to re-platform and modernize our solutions — was to select the right partner,” said Rogerio Luiz Muzy, IT Executive CDLRio. “With CleverIS Technologies’ help we were able to realize a 60% cost reduction and ROI in 12 months. CDLRio now has a scalable and reliable platform and a more manageable environment.”

“We are excited to team up with IBM to better help our customers transform to and leverage IBM’s Power System solutions,” said Julia Ito, CEO of CleverIS North America. “CleverIS has a history of successfully migrating clients to IBM solutions, including POWER8, and we look forward to deepening this relationship.”

The CleverIS product services solution re-platformsre-writesre-hosts, re-designs or transforms part or entire legacy applications – helping customers reduce cost, adopt new technologies, reduce time to market and become more competitive.

CleverIS is committed to providing a world-class portfolio of solution services that helps organizations modernize and migrate legacy applications, adopt new technologies and use innovation to increase their competitive advantage.