Today, CleverIS Technologies launched a unique and adaptive solution capable of executing projects of modernization, migration or transformation of legacy applications up to 50% faster than traditional solutions. Through an ownership transfer from Clip Informatica S/A in Brazil, CleverIS now offers these proven and powerful migration and transformation solutions in North America.

The CleverIS product services solution re-platforms, re-writes, re-hosts, re-designs or transforms part or entire legacy applications – from business rules and database language definitions to introducing a new graphical user interface – without the need for experts, detailed legacy documentation or prior experience.

“We are excited about the ownership transfer of Clip Informatica S/A. They have a very mature solution with a complete portfolio to support any type of legacy application modernization,” said Julia Ito, CEO of CleverIS North America. “With CleverIS solutions, organizations can now securely plan the modernization or migration of their most critical legacy applications.”

Clip Informatica has migrated over 200 million lines of code in the past 15 years, helping organizations of all sizes to leverage the investment and knowledge deposited into existing core applications and enabling them to adopt innovation, thus sustaining their competitive advantage.

“We leveraged knowledge and experience accumulated over the years and transformed it into a robust product services solutions. Whether migrating from Mainframe to Linux, or re-writing COBOL applications into Java or adopting a new .NET or Java interface, we know what it takes to get the job done,” said Ademilson Lubke, CEO of Clip Informatica. “I am very confident that now as CleverIS we will continue to help customers achieve greater value and extend the life of their prior investments.”

“Clip Informatica migrated our entire mainframe platform to an IBM Power System I. The migration was done successfully, resulting in a 70% cost reduction in processing time and with no downtime to our end users,” Edgardo Chacc, Managing Director of Operations and Technology of Itau Bank Chile. “The experience and commitment of Clip Informatica to seek out the right solution proved to be the key to our success. Clip Informatica provided a first class migration service and we look forward to working with CleverIS in the future.”

CleverIS is committed to providing a world-class portfolio of solution services that helps organizations modernize and migrate legacy applications, adopt new technologies and use innovation to increase their competitive advantage.