New York – DigitalOcean, the simple cloud infrastructure provider built for developers, today announced the close of a $83 million Series B funding round led by Access Industries, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz.

Since launching in 2012, DigitalOcean has become the world’s second largest cloud infrastructure provider for developers building websites and applications. The company is aggressively working to expand its feature set, appealing to the needs of software developers and scaling startups running the company’s distributed applications in production.

“We are laser­-focused on empowering the developer community,” said Mitch Wainer, co­-founder and CMO at DigitalOcean. “This capital infusion enables us to expand our world­-class engineering team so we can continue to offer the best infrastructure experience in the industry.”

From the beginning, DigitalOcean has advocated for the growing influence of software developers, and the numbers seem to support its vision. To date, more than 6 million Droplets (cloud servers) have been deployed on DigitalOcean by more than 500,000 developers. “Technology represents the foundation on which today’s greatest companies are built,” said Pueo Keffer, head of venture capital at Access Industries. “DigitalOcean is uniquely positioned to grow with the developer community, which creates and maintains this very foundation.”

“DigitalOcean has gone from startup to one of the most­-consumed virtual infrastructure providers in roughly two years,” according to 451 Research, a preeminent information technology, research and advisory company. “Its combination of affordable infrastructure, rapid provisioning, developer focus and heavy emphasis on ease of use is clearly the right recipe for a large market of developer customers.”

With more than 25 million developers around the world, and with the developer community experiencing rapid growth, DigitalOcean is committed to catering to the infrastructure needs of a broad spectrum of developers and scaling startups to focus on their applications.

“We began with a vision to simplify infrastructure that will change how millions of developers build, deploy and scale web applications,” said Ben Uretsky, CEO and co­-founder of DigitalOcean. “Our investors share our vision, and they’ll be essential partners in our continued growth.”