FatCloud has released a new management studio for its cloud database that the company said eases bringing NoSQL into Windows environments.

FatCloud last week introduced FatDB Management Studio, which CEO Ian Miller said looks like SQL Server Manager to simplify the bridging of the relational and NoSQL worlds. “Before Studio, everything had to be done through code. There was no visualization,” he said.

The solution starts with the FatDB NoSQL database, and layers on top an asynchronous work queue, a distributed file-management system, Map/Reduce capabilities, caching and, finally, app services.

“Having a SOA has challenges in throughput,” Miller explained. “Instead of moving data to processing, we want to move processing to the data, to achieve better throughput by blending data and processing.”

The management studio can plug into Visual Studio, using LINQ as the query language, and can cache both SQL and FatDB data. It runs on multiple Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, or can run in a data center on Windows Server, Miller said.

“People want the cloud to be a sandbox,” he added. “They want to prototype in the cloud but then bring it in-house.” So solutions like FatDB, which he described as a document store and a key-value store, need to be flexible in terms of where they can accommodate building apps and deploying them.

For now, FatCloud is focusing on Windows companies. “Most companies using NoSQL are Linux/open source. Of 150 companies using it, 130 are like that. We want to be the best among the 20,” Miller said.