The cloud application platform Heroku is adding a number of new tools designed to help developers build cloud-based customer apps. Heroku DX, which the company called a new Heroku developer experience, is intended to make it faster for developers to create, launch and scale their applications by providing database analytics and new management features.

“One of our core beliefs at Heroku is that developers do their best work when the development process is as simple, elegant, and conducive to focus and flow as possible,” the company wrote on its blog. “We are grateful for how well many of our contributions to that cause have been received, and today we are making generally available a new set of features that have been inspired by those values.”

Heroku DX features Heroku Button, Heroku Dashboard + Metrics, and Heroku Postgres DbX.

Heroku Button lets developers set up a new app from sample code with just one click, and comes complete with environment configuration and add-ons, according to the company. Developers can also use Heroku Button on GitHub projects. In addition, a real-time view into the Heroku Button community will be available and continually updated.

Heroku Dashboard is a new Web dashboard written in Ember.js to provide faster and smoother interactions. Features include simplified navigation for apps, new interaction patterns such as drag-and-drop app assignment, the ability to work across devices and screen sizes, and an activity section to collaborate. The dashboard’s metric section comes with improved runtime management, and it tracks response time, requests per second and CPU usage. It also automatically provides key recommendations and performance changes.

Heroku Postgres DbX is one of the most signification upgrades to the company’s Postgres Database-as-a-Service, according to Heroku. Postgres DbX is designed to advance the experience of building and managing databases with a new lineup of database plans and performance analytics.

All features are available today, and the company will also hold an introductory session for them on Oct. 8. More information is available here.