CloudBees, the Java PaaS innovation leader, today announced a for-pay offering for its RUN@cloud Java Platform as a Service (PaaS). Developers can now decide, per application, whether they’d like to utilize a free plan (with limited memory and computing resources) or benefit from increased memory, more computing capacity and/or additional features through a pay-as-you go pricing scheme.

Generally available since January 2011, RUN@cloud has deployed more than 4,000 applications and offers developers everything they need to quickly and easily deploy applications to the cloud — without having to purchase, configure and maintain hardware, and without having to program applications for a specific underlying infrastructure service (IaaS).

New features found in the Premium model of RUN@cloud include:

—  Application elasticity based on a number of metrics (requests, CPU, etc.) — with auto-scaling, developers focus on their application and pay for only what they consume — RUN@cloud transparently delivers the needed capacity. Capacity can also be set manually and changed at any time, dynamically.
—  Clustering with load-balancing, failover and session replication — advanced clustering capabilities allow users to deploy new versions of their application into production while preserving existing web sessions.
—  CNAME aliasing and SSL support — enables developers to make their applications visible on the Internet under their own domains name and benefit from increase security by enabling HTTPS for their applications and domains.
Adding to the power of the new RUN@cloud, CloudBees’ DEV@cloud service is a fully integrated development infrastructure that makes it easier for developers to quickly write, build and test applications in the cloud — and then instantly deploy them to RUN@cloud. DEV@cloud features Jenkins, the popular open source continuous integration server. More than 2,000 customers have logged more than 400,000 Jenkins build minutes in the cloud. CloudBees rolled out a for-pay offering for DEV@cloud two months ago. With DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud, developers can manage their complete develop-to-deploy Java application lifecycle in the cloud.

With proven track records at JBoss, Macromedia/Allaire, Sun Microsystems and WebSphere, the CloudBees team has the deep middleware experience and expertise to quickly accelerate innovation in the PaaS space, the “middleware” layer of the cloud. CloudBees supports all Java applications, including Java EE and JVM-based languages.