Cloudera and Oracle have teamed up to add a Hadoop distribution and tools for Oracle’s Big Data Appliance, a product available to customers today.

The collaboration, according to Kirk Dunn, COO at Cloudera, and Cetin Ozbutun, VP of data warehousing technologies at Oracle, will help both sets of clients use Hadoop to collect and interpret large amounts of machine-generated data.

Oracle’s Big Data Appliance, announced at Open World, is an engineered system from Oracle and is made up of components, including Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution, Cloudera Manager, and an open-source distribution of the R data analytics language. The Big Data Connectors, also available today, allow customers to integrate data stored in Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL Database with Oracle Database 11g.

The Big Data Appliance comes in a full-rack configuration of 18 Oracle Sun servers with 864GB main memory, 216 CPU cores, 648TB of raw disk storage, 40GB/s InfiniBand connectivity between nodes and other Oracle-engineered systems, and 10GB/s Ethernet data center connectivity.

“Our data warehousing customers found that they wanted to capture data from other systems, and from social media, weblogs, location on mobile phones and other machine-generated data,” Ozbutun said, adding that this request made a partnership with Cloudera—because of Cloudera’s Hadoop Manager—a positive collaboration.