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Java 22 aims to make Java a better language for beginners

Oracle has announced the release of Java 22, which adds 12 new features to the language and aims to make the language more accessible to beginners.  “The new enhancements in Java 22 enable more developers to quickly and easily build and deliver feature-rich, scalable, and secure applications to help organizations across the globe grow their … continue reading

Oracle CloudWorld: Semantic search in Oracle Database, OCI Generative AI service, and more

Developers will have a lot of new features to experiment with following a series of announcements from Oracle at Oracle CloudWorld. Some key highlights from the event include:  Semantic search in Oracle Database The company introduced AI Vector Search, which is a collection of semantic search features that include a vector data type, and vector … continue reading

Java 21 adds virtual threads preview and generational ZGC

Java 21 is here, and it includes many improvements, such as the preview of virtual threads and the final version of the generational ZGC. Most updates in Java are categorized into different named projects. In this release the features come from three projects: Project Loom, which has to do with concurrency in Java; Project Panama, … continue reading

Suse, CIQ, and Oracle form Open Enterprise Linux Association

Red Hat caused some trouble in the open-source community at the end of June when they announced that the source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) would no longer be publicly available and could only be accessed by its customers A couple of weeks later, the open-source software company SUSE said it would create … continue reading

Databricks reveals new Delta Sharing partners: Cloudflare, Dell, Oracle, Twilio

Databricks has announced new partnerships with Cloudflare, Dell, Oracle, and Twilio through its Delta Sharing feature, which allows live data to be shared securely with other computing platforms.  For example, the Cloudflare connection allows sharing from Databricks to Cloudflare R2, which is Cloudflare’s distributed object storage offering, eliminating the need to manage complex data transfers … continue reading

Java 20 introduces several new improvements around JVM

Oracle has announced the release of Java 20, which includes seven JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs). According to Oracle, many of the new features are follow-ups to previous features, adding new functionality or making improvements, and all are either preview or incubating features.  Two language updates in Java 20 are the ability to nest record patterns … continue reading

Oracle makes significant change to its Java license

Oracle in January announced a change to its Java license that bases pricing on the number of employees in an organization, rather than on instances in use like they have in the past.  “The new Java SE Universal Subscription was developed based on feedback from our customers with Java workloads running in increasingly diverse environments. … continue reading

Year in review: Java 18 and 19 enhance language

There were two major Java releases in 2022: Java 18 and Java 19. Java 17, released in 2021, was the last Long-Term Support release of the language, and the majority of developers tend to stick to LTS releases, according to various surveys of the ecosystem over the years.  But still, it’s important to go over … continue reading

Java 19 released with language improvements and library enhancements

The latest version of Java has been released by Oracle. Java 19 includes a number of updates related to performance, stability, and security.  The most significant improvements to the language itself are the ability to nest record patterns and pattern matching for switch expressions, both of which are currently in preview. The record patterns update … continue reading

Report: Percentage of Oracle JDK distributions in Java ecosystem drops significantly

Oracle may be the stewards of the Java programming language, but their market share in Java Development Kit (JDK) distributions has significantly dropped over the past two years. This is according to New Relic’s 2022 State of the Java Ecosystem report, which draws data from applications reporting to New Relic.  According to the survey, Oracle … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Azul launches Intelligence Cloud; GitLab acquires Opstrace; Oracle announced OCI DevOps service; Hasura unveils new Data Hub

Azul, provider of an open source measurement tool for Java applications, today announced Azul Intelligence Cloud. This announcement brings users a new line of products that apply cloud resources to analyze and optimize Java fleets and provide actionable intelligence.   The first offering from the Intelligence Cloud is Cloud Native Compiler, bringing elasticity to Java Just … continue reading

Java 17 released with updates to LTS schedule

The latest release of Java is now available. Java 17 is a long-term support (LTS) release, the last of which was Java 11. According to Oracle, over 70 JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) have been added to the language since Java 11. With this LTS release, Oracle is also working to enhance support for customers. It … continue reading

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