Cloudinary, the leading cloud-based image management platform, today announced new and fully integrated image processing add-ons, leveraging technologies by Imagga, ReKognition,URL2PNG, Aspose, WebPurify and others. Used by nearly 20,000 developers from more than 100 countries, Cloudinary’s new add-on offerings enable automatic image moderation, image categorization, smarter image cropping, improved image compression, advanced face attributes detection, website screenshot generation and more through a single click integration—building on the company’s comprehensive online image management solution for one-stop shop image management.

“Today’s websites are very image rich and require an increased focus on user experience and accessibility on a wide range of devices,” said Paul Burns, president, Neovise. “Managing the image pipeline that supports this trend – from an image’s initial upload to its final delivery and viewing – is challenging, time consuming and costly, both from a product, R&D and IT perspective.  We are seeing many organizations investing considerable efforts into building and supporting in-house solutions to manage their image pipeline.”
Cloudinary’s cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, with its rich API, delivers complete end-to-end image management, including image uploads, cloud-based storage, online administration, on-the-fly manipulation and optimized delivery, enabling developers to focus on building innovative applications, instead of supporting and managing image integration in-house. The newly available image processing add-ons can be used via simple API calls without requiring separate manual integration with each external service, delivering a seamless image rich Web and mobile experience.
The Cloudinary Experience
Designed by developers for developers, Cloudinary offers a comprehensive, highly customizable, scalable and affordable approach to image management. Cloudinary’s benefits include:
• One-Stop Shop: Designed to simplify the entire image management pipeline, Cloudinary offers a one-stop shop for developers. By including new add-on capabilities, Cloudinary is expanding on its image management vision and easing the hassle developers often face in creating a media rich Web and mobile user interface.
• Rich Image Manipulations: Cloudinary follows a single-source imaging concept, in which a single uploaded original image can be manipulated on-the-fly to best fit different graphic designs and devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers.
• Straightforward Integration: Cloudinary offers integration libraries for most Web development platforms and SDKS for iPhone and Android, as well as modern PaaS solutions, making it easy to get started managing images in the cloud.
• Dynamic Scale: Cloudinary offers plans for companies of all sizes, and currently is used by a variety of companies – both large and small – across numerous verticals.
“As experienced Web and mobile developers, we know first-hand how challenging and time consuming it can be to manage images for today’s media rich Web environment,” said Itai Lahan, chief executive officer, Cloudinary.  “We designed Cloudinary to answer all developers’ image-related needs, while keeping it simple to integrate and affordable across both large and small companies. The add-on partnerships we are announcing today, reflect our continued commitment to offering a definitive go-to-place for developers’ entire image management pipeline, covering the most advanced requirements.”