CloudShare today announced its winter 2010 release lineup, including CloudShare Enterprise version 5.0, CloudShare ProPlus (new product) and CloudShare Pro. CloudShare is a self-service cloud platform that enablesbusinesses to create, collaborate on and run full enterprise applications instantly and on-demand. Individuals, small teams and large enterprises use CloudShare to create virtual data centers for application development and testing, demos, proofs of concept, and training.

CloudShare Enterprise 5.0 Delivers Enhanced Self-Service Capabilities

CloudShare Enterprise
provides a turnkey, cloud platform for teams that create, issue, and collaborate on many enterprise application environments. Features include custom branding, multi-tiered user hierarchy and management, advanced analytics, support for workflow and line-of-business functionality such as integration.

CloudShare Enterprise 5.0 introduces:
-Enhanced training features including class scheduling, class portal, bulkstudent invitations, instructor accounts and “over the shoulder” screen-sharing
-Rich editor for self-service user interface (UI)
-Zero-install remote desktop access to virtual machines without downloading or installing any client
-Virtual hardware editing, including increasing RAM, number of CPUs and HDD size
-ESX direct console access for faster connection

New CloudShare ProPlus for Professionals Who Need More Machines, Software,
Hard Drive and RAM Capacity

CloudShare ProPlus (new product) is designed for developers, IT professionals, consultants and other individuals and small teams to instantly create, share and manage multiple copies of complex, virtual IT environments in the cloud. It includes all the features of the free CloudShare Pro product, plus the following:
-Larger, editable RAM and disk space (up to 10 GB and 300 GB total)
-Larger suite of fully-licensed, preinstalled operating systems and applications including Linux, Win Server 2003-2008, Windows XP and Windows 7, SharePoint 2010, Oracle 11g and more
-Available using up to six virtual machines

CloudShare ProPlus is generally available now at introductory, all-inclusive pricing of $49 per month for unlimited hours.

Free CloudShare Pro Comes Out of Beta; Users Can Create and Share Mini-Data Centers in the Cloud in Minutes Officially out of beta, CloudShare Pro is the free individual version of the CloudShare platform that has enabled thousands around the world toinstantly create, share and manage virtual IT environments online. CloudShare Pro includes fully licensed, preinstalled Linux and Windows operating systems and applications, virtual machines, storage, bandwidth and CPU usage at no cost. Its patent-pending FastUploadTM functionality enables users to import virtual machines running in a local environment to the CloudShare environment in minutes.

Supporting Quotes:

“With CloudShare ProPlus, I instantly had a multi-server SharePoint environment running in the cloud,” said Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master, Chris Beckett of SharePoint Bits. “CloudShare’s technology enables me to build, test and deploy critical SharePoint solutions for organizations of all sizes with all the benefits of an on-premise deployment, but with the ease and speed of near-instant environment set-up.”

“When Harvey Mudd College set out to demonstrate the possibility of running ODE Architect (ODEA) in a remote virtual computing environment, we needed a turnkey solution to help us bring legacy education software into the 21st century,” said Jeho Park, Ph.D. and scientific computing specialist at Harvey Mudd College. “With CloudShare, we were able to upload a pre-configured virtual machine for instant, on-demand access to ODEA. With a browser the only requirement, incompatibility issues are a thing of the past.”

“The next generation of CloudShare products distinguishes us from other providers in the market, with feature sets designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes that want to run full enterprise applications in the cloud to significantly reduce capital and operational expenses, improve productivity and achieve faster delivery of enterprise IT,” said Zvi Guterman, CEO of CloudShare. “A year after coming out of stealth, CloudShare has built the first comprehensive cloud platform for simple, turnkey IT access for companies to power their application development, testing, demos and training.”

Availability and Contact Information

The winter 2010 release of CloudShare products is available immediately. For more information, email or call us at (888) 609-4440.