Cockroach Labs added enterprise-grade features to the newly released 19.1 version of CockroachDB, a cloud-native, geo-distributed SQL database.

The new version tackles legacy database struggles with transitioning high-value workloads to a globally distributed environment in the cloud.

The features include Change Data Capture (CDC) integration with Kafka for analyzing and visualizing data changes, deeper conformance with corporate security policy via LDAP and cost-based optimization of SQL transaction performance.

“Today we are most proud to enable our users to scale their businesses without scaling their complexity in the process by eliminating many challenges presented by global growth and development,” said Spencer Kimball, the co-founder and CEO of Cockroach Labs.

JNBridgePro 10 brings Java to .NET Core
The newly released version 10 of JNBridgePro, an interoperability tool that connects Java to .NET frameworks, is compatible with .NET Core.

“.NET Core 3.0 is now a mature platform with sufficient features to support JNBridgePro. With JNBridgePro 10, we deliver a solution that helps developers on the front lines of innovation continue to be productive without worrying about cross-platform interoperability,”  said Wayne Citrin, the CTO of JNBridge.

JNBridgePro 10 also supports Visual Studio 2019, which was released on April 2.

According to the company, JNBridgePro is architecture-agnostic so It easily scales from in-process to cross-network, on-premises or in the cloud.

Tidelift enhances managed open source platform
Tidelift announced that over 4,000 open source projects are open to income opportunities for maintainers partnered with with the company.

In addition, the subscription now gets open source dependency analysis with identification and resolution of security, licensing and maintenance issues in direct partnership with open source maintainers.

“We’re partnering with creators and maintainers of a vast array of community-led open source projects to introduce the concept of managed open source, where organizations can save time and reduce risk by paying Tidelift‘s participating maintainers to ensure their packages meet uniform and comprehensive commercial standards,” said Donald Fischer, CEO and co-founder of Tidelift.

Over 4,000 open-source projects across the JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, and .NET ecosystems are eligible for immediate income.