Codefresh, providers of a Kubernetes-native automated continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution, released a new user interface and upgraded capabilities that can speed code changes.

The new Projects section groups pipelines, secrets, and permissions into a single hub. In addition, the new Pipeline Creation Wizard handles webhook creation, and provides quick-start templates for Go, Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, Scala and more.

“The expectation to bring more code to production, faster, has never been higher. At the same time, it’s never been easier for developers to let CI/CD tools do the heavy lifting,” said Dan Garfield, Codefresh’s chief technology evangelist.

SAFECode gets several new members
Accenture, Splunk and United Technologies joined Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFECode) as new associate members, and Veracode rejoined.

SAFECode is a non-profit, global industry forum in which experts exchange ideas on promoting scalable and effective software security programs. Non-members can get free access to training videos and publications.

“The addition of these companies as SAFECode members is significant because they bring a deep expertise in secure software development and a broad industry perspective,” said Steve Lipner, the executive director of SAFECode.

CloudBees joins Automotive Grade Linux
CloudBees, provider of continuous pipelines, has joined the non-profit Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) to further the cross-industry effort to expedite software development for car makers.

“For car technology organizations, getting new software off the assembly line and onto the road faster matters, but a more rapid innovation cycle is not possible with lengthy builds and testing cycles,” said Anders Wallgren, vice president of technology strategy, CloudBees. “CloudBees is an engine to help these development and engineering teams create safer car technology, faster, by accelerating builds and optimizing tests, thus creating more time to iterate and experiment.”

The non-profit provides an open platform in which over 130 members can reuse and share open source code for automotive software. This reduces the development times and costs.

Talend announces advancements to Data Fabric
Talend, which specializes in cloud data integration and data integrity, announced support for OpenAPI specification (OAS) version 3.0 in its release of Talend Data Fabric this spring.

“Given the growth of APIs driven by microservices and digital initiatives, support for an environment that increases DevOps teams’ productivity while enabling collaboration with less technical API stakeholders becomes critically important,” said Jerome Louvel, vice president of product management at Talend.

The advancements provide full API development lifecycle support for building and maintaining APIs in an integrated environment.

The highlights for OAS 3.0 include data type composition and polymorphism, documentation of new security schemes, reusable API components as well as additional features and cloud enhancements listed in this company post.