Codenvy and Microsoft Corp. have collaborated to modernize the way organizations build software by connecting developer workspaces with enterprise developer tools for a continuous agile experience.

This partnership supercharges the agile ethos by allowing development teams to collaborate on projects in ways never before possible.

The new Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services extension activates Codenvy workspaces on-demand from within Microsoft products, creating a more natural workflow that aligns with today’s agile methodologies and principles.

“The secret to continuous agile development is to collaborate on code before it is merged,” said Tyler Jewell, Codenvy CEO. “By enabling developers, product managers and users to iterate in the moment, developers are able to respond with greater clarity, accuracy and confidence.”

“We are excited about this partnership, and our role in helping shape the future of agile development,” said Shanku Niyogi, general manager, Developer Division at Microsoft. “By attaching ready-to-code Codenvy workspaces to Visual Studio Team Services, we continue to improve our partner ecosystem and provide development teams with comprehensive solutions for developing any application.”