CVSDude, creator of a hosted platform for software configuration management, released yesterday the Professional Edition of its version control system. The company also changed its name to Codesion.

Designed for large companies with many projects working simultaneously, or for service companies with multiple clients, the Codesion platform enables users to configure each instantiation of a project individually, and provides full reporting and secure backup and recovery, according to Jason Seed, CEO of Codesion. “It’s for companies looking for a true enterprise-grade solution in a [software-as-a-service] model,” he said.

The new edition is based on Subversion, but companies don’t have to be running Subversion to use the software, as it has integrations with other open-source systems such as Bazaar, Git and Mercurial. Also, Seed said Codesion wasn’t looking to be a full ALM tool provider, but it does have integration with the open-source Basecamp project management system.

Years ago, companies were mostly reluctant to have their code sit outside their firewalls due to a fear that security on outside servers was poor. But, Seed said, now companies approach him because the security, backup and redundancy built into the Codesion solution surpass what many organizations have in their internal networks, where many people have access. Codesion uses its FrogSAFE platform for data center security.

Today, hosting is fairly mainstream, Seed said, with large companies hosting large chunks of code outside their firewalls. It was a lack of security that led to the demise of the Application Service Provider model, and better security today that enables things such as SaaS and the cloud to exist.

“The No. 1 reason why companies are moving to us is security,” Seed said.

When deciding on what would need to be included in the platform to make it suitable for enterprise use, Guy Marion, executive vice president for sales and marketing for Codesion, said guarantees of uptime and around-the-clock support are the two most important issues.

Those two items are included in the service agreements Codesion offers, as well as role-based secure access for each project down to the subdirectory level, he said. Defect tracking, administration, data access, branding and more can be configured by role, he explained, and LDAP integration enables authentication right from a company’s directory.

Also, exclusive redundancy—whereby scheduled backups can be pushed out to local machines, or where the Codesion repository can be synchronized with a local server—is available with the Professional Edition. Early access disaster recovery, with the ability to roll back the repository by 100 days, is another new feature.