Microsoft is already planning for Visual Studio Code’s future with a new roadmap and focus areas for 2018. The company plans to tackle VS Code from three perspectives next year: happy coding; Node, JavaScript and TypeScript; and a rich extension ecosystem.

For “happy coding,” the team wants to make the code editor more pleasant to work with by making it more flexible when working with position editors and panes, multi-selection and supporting multi-root workspaces. “You will see a significant focus on the fundamentals in the next few months as well, focused on performance, localized language support, and accessibility so that every developer can be productive with VS Code,” the team wrote on the roadmap. Fundamentals will include: improved startup performance, memory consumption, accessibility, language support packs, Windows update experience, and serviceability.

The team will also continue to update the editor to support the best code editing, navigation, and understanding experiences for TypeScript and JavaScript. In addition, it will make it easier to configure debugging of Node based applications and support client and server side debugging. Other language improvements include refining the Language Server Protocol; improving the debug adaptor protocol; enhancing JavaScript discoverability; and working with the TypeScript team.

“Of course, VS Code is not just a Node, JavaScript, and TypeScript tool. Our rich extensibility model and extension ecosystem means that you can install support for just about every language and framework, from C++ to C# to Go, Python, and more,” the team wrote.

Other updates on the horizon include improving the extension recommendation system, improving extension searching, simplifying the ability to track down issues, showing users more information about extension usage, and enhancing the language API.

The full roadmap is available here.