The first year of Progvember, a month dedicated to coding, came to an end with a total of 121 worldwide users who participated and 88 projects created.

While some developers weren’t able to finish their projects on time (such as Progvember creator Andy Still, bogged down by work), others went above and beyond the challenge.

Bob Butterworth, an Apple iOS developer, not only completed his first iOS app, but also managed to land his app in the App Store.

“I’ve been registered as an Apple iOS developer for the last three years and still had not completed an iOS project,” he said Butterworth. “I thought Progvember was the perfect opportunity to complete and release a simple iOS app just to get my feet wet and to learn the process from start to finish.”

Butterworth’s completed project is a calculator app, Bunco Calc, designed to keep score for the dice game Bunco. Though he is looking forward to participating again next year, Butterworth hopes to see a Progvember forum where participants can communicate and get a sense of community.

Still planned to provide participants with a communication setting this year, but didn’t get a chance to do as much as he wanted.  

“What I would like to do next year is create an area where people can showcase what they have done, make the site more interactive, and get more interaction between all the Progvemberers,” he said.

For any participants who didn’t complete their projects, Still recommended they keep working on them.

“Progvember should just be a springboard to getting where you want to be on your project,” he said.

A full log of Progvember projects can be viewed here.