GitHub announced several new products designed to accelerate the company’s push into major enterprises. 

GitHub Copilot will soon bring its AI-pair programmer to businesses with added admin controls and the ability to manage licenses. Copilot uses OpenAI Codex to suggest code and functions in real time right in the editor. 

“Hey GitHub” also makes Copilot accessible to developers who can’t use a keyboard everyday through voice-based interaction, but the GitHub Next team behind the functionality hopes to expand its capabilities through further research and testing.

Also, Codespaces is now generally available for all GitHub users and everyone will receive up to 60 hours of Codespaces for free every month.

The new code search and code view offers a new search engine that can access the world’s code easily, a new search interface, powerful queries with suggestions completions, and a redesigned code view that integrates search browsing and code navigation.

Additional details on the new products are available here.