CollabNet, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services, today announced the latest version of CollabNet Lab Management for automated provisioning of build, test and release resources for improved DevOps in the cloud. Available with TeamForge, Lab Management leverages the Apache Libcloud open source library to enable integration with more than 25 popular cloud services, such as Amazon EC2. It also integrates tightly with CollabNet’s recently launched CloudForge cloud development platform and leading build tools Hudson and Jenkins. For improved management and efficiency, Lab Management enables dynamic creation of new profiles and leverages Windows 7 profile support.

CollabNet will host a free webinar on May 17 – Test & Dev Labs in the Cloud Business Benefits, Pitfalls and Best Practices – to discuss the benefits of establishing cloud-based labs. To register, visit:
“Automating the last mile of the software deployment process is crucial for IT departments to keep pace with quicker iterations of software and to manage the growing number of release platforms and options,” said Chris Clarke, vice president of product development for CollabNet. “This latest version of Lab Management aligns with our commitment to cloud development with new integrations with leading public PaaS offerings and tighter coupling with our recently launched CloudForge platform for optimizing DevOps within hybrid cloud environments.”

Today, development teams and IT operations are often at odds – with development concerned with quickly building and deploying new applications and IT operations concerned with stability. CollabNet Lab Management is a cloud-enabled “Lab service” that significantly reduces infrastructure costs while promoting development productivity and rapid innovation. Plugging into TeamForge, Lab Management provides self-service provisioning of software profiles and servers (physical and virtual) for distributed development, test, build and IT operations teams directly from a web browser, from TeamForge, or from IDEs such as Eclipse or Visual Studio. It simplifies on-premise and cloud administration by consolidating resources into fewer, more robust machines that can be easily shared. With TeamForge and Lab Management, developers are able to select profiles from an IT operations approved library, and provision test servers accordingly, on premise, in CloudForge or any public or private cloud.

CollabNet Lab Management 2.5 is now available as a module for TeamForge. For complete information please visit:

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