CollabNet, the global leader for enterprise cloud development and Agile ALM products and services, today announced Subversion Edge 2.3, the latest version of its distribution
of the open-source Apache Subversion platform. New features, including tighter tool integrations for improved automation and enterprise management capabilities, are delivered through the powerful Subversion Edge management console that streamlines the use of the industry’s leading version control system.

“Automation is crucial for IT organizations looking to reduce overall development costs while ensuring that quality Service Level Agreements are continuously met,” said Mark Phippard, senior director, Subversion engineering for CollabNet. “This latest version of Subversion Edge extends the value of Subversion deeper into the enterprise through a powerful management console that developers can use to increase productivity and deliver the highest quality software.”

The latest version of Subversion Edge is now automatable through REST APIs that allow developers to script vital activities; including repository creation, user management and pre-installation of hook scripts into Subversion. It also includes automated email notifications on the status of backups and other background functions. CollabNet also is a leading provider of training, services and support for Subversion and, for a limited time, it is offering one month of free Subversion support by visiting

Created by CollabNet in 2000, Apache Subversion is an open source version control system that is being used by more than 5 million developers around the globe. The project and software have seen incredible success since being launched, with continued widespread adoption in both the open source community and the enterprise world. CollabNet Subversion Edge offers a complete certified stack of Apache, Subversion and ViewVC, along with a browser-based interface for ease-of-use and management. It keeps all components current with auto-updates delivered straight to the web browser and ensures cohesive functionality of the integrated tool suite.

Subversion Edge 2.3 is bundled with the latest version of Apache Subversion 1.7.3, and is available immediately for free as an open source tool or commercially with a support contract. To download Subversion Edge please visit To learn more about the importance of this new release, please read Mark Phippard’s blog: