CollabNet, the leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Federated ALM, today announced the availability of TeamForge 7 in its CloudForge cloud development platform, and a significant increase in the number of teams adopting CloudForge for Agile and ALM initiatives since it was re-launched in May of this year. 

CollabNet recently re-launched CloudForge to include CollabNet’s TeamForge ALM platform with every project for free, along with the broadest development tool support and unrestrictive usage. Post launch, CloudForge has seen a 20-times increase in new customers using the platform, and more than 5,000 teams adopting TeamForge in the cloud. Now, CloudForge includes TeamForge 7, the latest version of its ALM platform. It is perfect for teams that are moving beyond basic application development in the cloud, and are looking for lightweight, yet enterprise-grade Agile ALM functionality that allows for better collaboration, management and scaling of cloud development programs. 

“The same aspects that make cloud-based computing attractive for production environments also apply to ALM tooling: effective load balancing, reduced administrative overhead, simplified support, on-demand scaling, and instant access to the latest versions of software,” wrote Kurt Bittner, principal analyst, application development & delivery professionals at Forrester Research Inc., in his July 2013 report: Continuous Delivery is Reshaping the Future of ALM. “Even integrated development environments are becoming available in the cloud. Given the compelling advantages, it’s likely that the cloud will become the ALM environment of choice for most organizations.”

CloudForge helps developers manage and build websites and mobile/cloud/web applications, and rapidly develop and deploy business software. Built for the enterprise, it offers a fast and practical path to grow and scale organization-wide, through a flexible role-based framework that makes it easy for developers to use and for administrators to scale from a few to thousands of users. CloudForge with TeamForge 7 includes Adaptive Planning boards for Agile/hybrid product and release planning, inline editing to enhance productivity and team ramp-up time, and usability improvements that include intuitive navigation, web drag and drop, and a more powerful search tool to improve the user experience.

“The adoption of TeamForge in the cloud by more than 5,000 companies on CloudForge clearly demonstrates how development in the cloud is becoming more strategic and moving beyond basic application prototyping,” said Nick Bell, senior director of CollabNet Cloud Services. “Managing Agile teams, and more of the software development and delivery lifecycle, is increasingly happening in the cloud. As this trend matures, CloudForge with TeamForge is becoming the platform of choice for organizations that need a blend of choice, ease-of-use and flexibility with enterprise-grade visibility and compliance.”

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