CollabNet, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud and Agile Development, today launched the commercial version of its CloudForge development-Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS). The new CloudForge interface combines an elegant consumer-like user experience with the security and management needed to bring cloud development to the enterprise.

With CloudForge, developers and operations teams alike can easily migrate their projects and data to the cloud, and deploy to their PaaS or datacenter. For the first time, development teams can instantly provision and integrate their tool stack of choice, including hosted tools like Apache Subversion (SVN), Git, Trac and TeamForge, and integrated applications like Atlassian JIRA, Basecamp and Rally Software. Administrators gain a single-pane view of cloud resource consumption, activity and project progress, and critical data needed to manage team-based development.

“Cloud development continues to prove its value and gain adoption for teams ranging from independent hobbyists to enterprise workgroups,” said Guy Marion, vice president and general manager of cloud services for CollabNet. “The new CloudForge user interface removes the complexity of mapping people and projects across many tools, and provides an engaging and collaborative way for developers to get their cloud, mobile and enterprise apps to market quickly.”

CloudForge focuses on providing freedom of choice to developers, who can select their tool stacks from its App Center, while ensuring compliance with corporate IT via the backend reporting, user management and visibility capabilities. In doing so, CollabNet supports the trend of organizations not wanting to be locked into a single vendor or tool – instead providing a flexible platform to leverage a variety of best-of-breed tools and hybrid processes.

“Having a flexible platform to quickly build and ramp up our cloud-based development has helped our company become more agile and responsive to the market,” said Cheng Zou, co-founder and CTO of Zuora, the Silicon Valley-based subscription billing leader. “CollabNet and its CloudForge platform provide a much needed development and deployment front-end to the PaaS offerings that are available today – our developers love it and it provides the visibility and control we need to run the business.”

CloudForge also helps IT operations define and control their deployment processes, then pass control to developers to one-click deploy to PaaS and cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (EC2), VMWare’s, AppFog,, and Google App Engine. This provides a flexible and low-cost “on-ramp” to cloud development that is 100 percent enterprise-ready, with the high availability, backup, compliance, security, user management and support expected from a world-class cloud offering.

“Feedback from thousands of CloudForge beta testers and results from a recent CollabNet Cloud survey that show that more than 90 percent of our community are deploying some apps to cloud platforms,” said Marion. “CollabNet is focusing on providing a unique and easy way for businesses to manage and scale their adoption of PaaS and cloud-based deployment, to meet the enterprise need for security and reliability, without sacrificing freedom and flexibility.”

CloudForge is now available in general availability at A variety of service options are available, ranging from a free and 30-Day trial plans, to $3.50-per-user-per-month personal plans, and from $16.50 per user per month for business configurations.