SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, has released Collaborator 9.2 with several new plugins, including integration with GitHub. Collaborator now allows developers to create code reviews off of a pull request workflow so that the many companies using GitHub to manage their repositories can use this workflow with all the features of Collaborator. A new JIRA plugin allows Collaborator reviews to be created by clicking a button in the JIRA Issue, automatically attaching SVN/Git commits to a review. Additionally, an IntelliJ plugin allows users to easily create reviews from within the IntelliJ interface for SVN/Git.

“GitHub is the largest repository management service and many companies are using GitHub to collaborate on their code,” said Justin Collier, Product Owner, Collaborator at SmartBear. “With our new GitHub integration, we’re extending the GitHub pull request capability by providing companies with a robust peer review workflow and tool that plugs in directly.”

Development teams often find the pull request model to be quick and easy; however, it lacks additional collaboration capabilities needed by more mature organizations. Collaborator continues to be the desired tool for those organizations and teams that need more than a simple ‘this looks good’ review.

In addition to GitHub integration, users now have the ability to create a JIRA ticket from the Collaborator Review Summary screen and Collaborator has improved e-signatures with the ability to tie them to Review Templates. With the electronic signatures change, signatures can be required based on the template that is driving the review versus the previous global setting which requires e-signatures on all reviews.

SmartBear hosted a “sneak peek” webinar, “Introducing Collaborator 9.2,” on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, where Justin Collier and Rick Almeida, Sales Engineer, at SmartBear provided a demo and overview. To access the webinar, visit:

Collaborator is the only tool available that allows peer review of code, user stories, test plans, Excel files and other documentation. For more information on Collaborator 9.2, visit: