Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, today launched Commvault HyperScaleAppliance and Commvault HyperScale Software, two powerful, cloud-ready data infrastructure offerings that provide customers with on-premises simplicity, elasticity, resiliency, flexibility and scale for managing secondary data. Flexible to fit a wide range of customer needs and environments, the solutions are available as an all-in-one appliance or a reference architecture model enabling organizations to have the freedom to choose their hardware provider to meet their specific requirements as they scale for the future.

Commvault’s HyperScale Software solutions bring scale-out infrastructure to the Commvault Data Platform and seamlessly integrate with storage arrays, hypervisors, applications and the full range of cloud provider solutions to support the most diverse and dynamic environments. Customers can consume Commvault HyperScale Software solutions in one of two ways: Commvault HyperScale Appliance and Commvault HyperScale Software.

In support of true hybrid IT environments, Commvault HyperScale Software is uniquely positioned in the market to protect and securely move workloads across any type of infrastructure including public cloud, private cloud and on-premises. The Commvault HyperScale technology leverages a built-in operating environment, virtualization, and storage technologies from Red Hat to provide a robust, enterprise-grade foundation.

“Building upon our impeccable track record of innovation in data protection, we are excited to introduce this unique and highly-differentiated infrastructure offering to the market to replace outdated scale-up architectures and point products that have proved to be inefficient and long overdue for change,” said N. Robert Hammer, chairman, president and CEO of Commvault.  “Commvault HyperScale Appliance and Commvault HyperScale Software are infrastructure options that provide flexible models for consumption while helping customers replace costly legacy hardware, avoid vendor lock in, and gain modern agility, flexibility and cloud-economics that were previously unavailable.”

Scale-Out:  Modernizing Data Architectures

The launch of Commvault HyperScale Appliance and Commvault HyperScale Software addresses the ongoing shift enterprises are making towards secondary storage as a means to drive key business and IT transformation initiatives. Commvault believes that approximately 70% of customer data is consumed as a secondary copy, and therefore, these HyperScale solutions are able to meet the increasing demands of the secondary storage market by delivering customers a unified, modern data protection and management platform that delivers cloud-like services on-premises.

The demands of secondary storage and the need to find new value from secondary copy data is driving customers to find alternatives to how to store and manage ever increasing data workloads and move away from traditional “scale up” purpose build appliances. Commvault is uniquely positioned to offer customers true enterprise-scale coverage with an integrated modern scale-out approach to meet these demands while adding market-leading data management software fully integrated into the strategy.

“Yesterday’s architectures for enterprise data protection are simply inadequate for the kinds of agility and efficiency that modern organizations of all sizes are demanding,” said Jason Buffington, principal data protection analyst, ESG. “Commvault has a long history of continually innovating ahead of market demand in response to the ever evolving and heightening data protection landscape. As such, it is not surprising to see Commvault disrupting the status quo of legacy appliances and antiquated approaches, as well as heading off niche alternatives, with its HyperScale offerings.”

Commvault HyperScale Appliance – Evolving Secondary Storage to Modern Cloud-Ready Scale-Out Approach Delivered in an Easy to Acquire and Deploy, All-in-One Appliance Offering

For customers wanting an all-in-one solution from acquisition to deployment, Commvault has introduced Commvault HyperScale Appliance, a highly differentiated data infrastructure solution that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking, virtualization, backup and recovery, full lifecycle data management and analytics into a single platform across the data center and in the cloud. Built on Commvault’s industry-leading technology, it enables customers to significantly decrease complexity and cost while increasing both scalability and IT agility. Because this solution is pre-designed, built, sold and supported by Commvault, customers save time in hardware acquisition, installation and integration, daily management and patching and updating.

Commvault HyperScale Appliance is also an ideal solution to protect and manage data across multiple remote offices, branch offices and data centers through one powerful scale-out solution.  As a result, Commvault has delivered an appliance with data capacities ranging from 32tbs up to 80tbs (usable storage) with the ability to scale out in any number of configurations to meet customer requirements well into the multi-PBs range. Customers gain a simple, easy-to-use solution for data management and storage with a streamlined, single-call support for the entire solution.

With Commvault’s unique subscription pricing approach, customers gain economical support and hardware refresh over the life of the appliance’s deployment. The new Commvault HyperScale Appliance outpaces the limited offerings of new market entrants by combining the most modern approaches to scale-out data protection, with the broadest enterprise application, file systems, hypervisor and virtualized environments coverage, and with simply powerful orchestration and automation required for true enterprise-scale deployments.

Commvault HyperScale Software & Validated Reference Architectures – Powerful Scale-Out Data Protection with the Freedom to Choose Hardware Preferences from leading technology companies

Commvault HyperScale Software is a unique scale-out infrastructure based on customer hardware preferences, enabling organizations to choose hardware configuration sizes and models from leading technology companies, including these initial program participants:  Fujitsu, Cisco, Lenovo, HPE, Super Micro Computer, Huawei and Dell-EMC. Through the consumption of Commvault HyperScale Software, customers receive tested configurations that provide validated designs complemented by best-practice configurations. This simplified approach helps enterprises match hardware configurations and capacity to their secondary storage needs, while accelerating ROI, reducing complexity and adding greater customer value.

Commvault’s HyperScale Software solutions provide customers the following unique benefits:

  • Agility, resiliency and availability to on-premises data and applications
  • Simple to setup, manage and upgrade
  • Modular scale to grow with the needs of the business; Non-disruptive capacity and performance expansion
  • Built-in resiliency (erasure-coding with no single point of failure),
  • Includes the Commvault Data Platform’s high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, and it’s simply powerful automation, orchestration and self-service capabilities
  • Streamlined Support from Commvault; Centralized patch management; Active monitoring
  • Better TCO versus legacy scale-up solutions with lower procurement cost & operational overhead
  • Scale out capacity to multi-10s+ PBs
  • Powerful new scale-out opportunities combined with data management and protection, utilization and movement enable systems consolidation and the elimination of point-product solution silos

“Data protection can be a key capability for any hyperconverged infrastructure stack, and we’re pleased to have contributed Red Hat’s powerful, flexible open technologies to help Commvault bring Commvault HyperScale to the enterprise,” said Ranga Rangachari, vice president and general manager, Storage, Red Hat. “Commvault has developed an enterprise-ready, cloud-scale solution that can help customers to transform their data centers to enable greater operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability.”

Tuned for the Channel, Commvault HyperScale is Easy for Partners to Sell

The Commvault HyperScale Software and Commvault HyperScale Appliance are available directly through Commvault or through the company’s global ecosystem of partners. As a single, scale-out infrastructure solution offered in two ways, Commvault HyperScale Software solutions are configured to make it easy for partners to quote, sell, support and implement.

“Sirius recognizes the importance of empowering IT to be more flexible in meeting industry requirements,” said Darren Gourley, vice president of Infrastructure Solutions for Sirius. “We look forward to offering Commvault’s HyperScale solution to our clients as a unique alternative for managing their secondary storage and enabling them to transform internal data centers and services to achieve cloud-like scale, flexibility, simplicity and economics.”