ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today released ComponentOne Ultimate 2012 v2. This is the second of three releases scheduled in 2012 for ComponentOne Ultimate, a suite of data and UI controls for Visual Studio, including OLAP data analysis tools, SharePoint Web Parts, and LightSwitch extensions.

A major addition in the v2 release of ComponentOne Ultimate is the creation and inclusion of Studio for LightSwitch. “We have combined our existing extensions: FlexGrid, Scheduler, and OLAP with three new ones to offer developers a complete collection of extensions in one easy install,” said Bernardo Castilho, chief technology officer at ComponentOne. “The addition of Chart, RichTextBox, and PDF Viewer enable us to offer a complete studio for developing amazing LightSwitch business applications in record time. Bundling all these controls into a single studio provides amazing value to our LightSwitch customers,” said Castilho.

“LightSwitch was designed to be the most productive tool available for a developer with any experience level to build professional-quality line of business applications quickly,” said Jay Schmelzer, principal program manager of LightSwitch at Microsoft Corp. “ComponentOne’s Studio for LightSwitch offers LightSwitch developers valuable increased functionality, helping them deliver quickly and easily on users’ expectations of having rich, immersive experiences, that leverage existing systems and data sources, available from a variety of connected devices.”

For desktop developers, the company is well known for controls like FlexGrid and TrueDBGrid and ComponentOne continues to strengthen its Studio for WinForms offering in this release of ComponentOne Ultimate. The new GanttView control for Windows Forms delivers a Microsoft Project-like user experience for project management. Based off the ComponentOne FlexGrid control, the GanttView provides a graphical diagram of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project.

With the popularity and growing adoption of Web technologies, ComponentOne offers web developers Wijmo, a collection of JavaScript UI widgets and Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, a suite of 40 data and UI controls built on AJAX, CSS, HTML5, and jQuery. New in the Ultimate release for Wijmo is the support for Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). “With the adoption of Knockout as our official MVVM library, we are able to provide seamless support for MVVM in each Wijmo widget,” stated Castilho. “We offer a clear path when moving from Silverlight to HTML5 development by providing familiar patterns like declarative UI controls and two-way data binding,” Castilho added.

For the ASP.NET developer there is new AutoComplete control for ASP.NET Wijmo in the Ultimate release. This new Web control provides end users with real-time suggestions as they type in a text box on the Web page. The C1AutoComplete control presents the list of suggestions obtained by an asynchronous call to a Web service on the server. The items collection is flexible and can be hard-coded or loaded in with AJAX.

Rounding out the release are updates and enhancements to many of the other products that make up ComponentOne Ultimate: Studio for WPF, Studio for Windows Phone, Studio for Silverlight, Studio for iPhone, Studio for Entity Framework, Studio for ActiveX, OLAP for WinForms, OLAP for Silverlight, Studio for SharePoint, Doc-To-Help, XapOptimizer, and IntellISpell. ComponentOne Ultimate controls support Visual Studio 2012 RC and Windows 8 development. “Developers using Visual Studio 2012 to develop web, desktop, or phone applications, will be able to continue using the ComponentOne controls exactly as they have been,” stated Castilho.

The company offers no-charge, 30-day trials of each of its component suites, which may be downloaded at Online visitors may also access tutorials, forums, documentation, and diagrams as part of the ComponentOne experience.