ComponentOne, a leader in developer productivity tools to build enterprise-level applications for the desktop, web, and mobile devices, has released a new Community Technology Preview (CTP), ComponentOne Studio for MVC Wijmo. Studio for MVC Wijmo is the ultimate tool for building rich user interface (UI) in ASP.NET MVC. The studio includes 30 new jQuery UI widgets (product name Wijmo), plus Wijmo-enhanced MVC Scaffolding.

This new web development suite from ComponentOne builds on top of jQueryUI, and easily leverages a user’s existing skill set. The product page at lists that Wijmo is a complete kit of UI widgets with everything from interactive menus to rich charts. Chris Bannon, product manager at ComponentOne stated that, “Every widget is hand-crafted and includes premium themes.”

In a blog by ComponentOne Technical Evangelist Kevin Griffin, he highlights a new project type, “ASP.NET MVC 3 Wijmo Application.” This project type takes the traditional ASP.NET MVC template, and adds in Wijmo automatically. The end result is an MVC application with great looking UI.

“We believe that the best UI practices in MVC are simply rendered markup enhanced with jQuery UI,” said Bannon. He added, “Our Wijmo MVC Scaffolding automates that entire process by generating rich interactive Views and Controllers for your entire Model. We also provide a Project Template that is already enhanced with jQuery UI and Wijmo. This studio will help you rapidly develop MVC applications with interfaces richer than WebForms.”

ComponentOne has developed some impressive samples that highlight the features of Studio for MVC Wijmo CTP. From interactive HTML5 charts and a custom theme builder to enhanced EditorTemplates, this suite harnesses the power of HTML and jQuery.