ComponentOne, a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program, today announced the release of ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch, the first OLAP screen for Microsoft LightSwitch. Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is the latest addition to the Visual Studio family and offers its users a way to create high-quality business applications for the desktop and the cloud without code.

ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch provides custom controls and screen templates for displaying interactive pivot tables, charts, and reports. OLAP tools provide analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot tables and charts.

“OLAP for LightSwitch preserves the spirit of Visual Studio for LightSwitch by allowing users to create interactive data views without a deep level of programming knowledge,” said Dan Beall, product manager at ComponentOne. “It allows any level of user to snap a pivoting data screen into Visual Studio LightSwitch and instantly get in-depth business intelligence functionality,” said Beall.

The Microsoft LightSwitch team created a video demonstrating the OLAP for LightSwitch product which is available for viewing on the company product page.

“What sets this extension apart is the ability to simply add this extension to your project and get a tool that creates interactive tables, charts, and reports similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot tables and charts. Drag-and-drop views give you real-time information, insights, and results in seconds. All this without cubes or code!” said Beall.

“There are online tutorials, forums, documentation and diagrams available as part of the ComponentOne LightSwitch experience,” Beall. “We are pleased to welcome this product to the ComponentOne family of products and our online community.

In the OpenLight blog, Microsoft Silverlight MVP Michael Washington writes, “Ok folks, I am ‘gonna call it’, we have the “Killer Application” for LightSwitch, ComponentOne’s OLAP for LightSwitch, you can get it for $295.” Washington continues, “Well, I think ComponentOne’s OLAP for LightSwitch may be “The One” for LightSwitch. This is the plug-in that for some, becomes the deciding factor to use LightSwitch or not.”

Washington goes on to describe that a “Killer App” is an application that provides functionality that is so important, that drives the desire to use the product that it is dependent upon.

Pricing and Availability
As Mr. Washington mentioned, the product is available for immediate download and the cost is $295.00 per license. ComponentOne offers online purchase options and by telephone at 412.681.4343 or 1.800.858.2739.