ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2014 v1. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is a world-renowned suite of data and UI controls for Microsoft Visual Studio, including Windows Store and HTML5 tools. The highlights of this first release of 2014 include new theme support, built-in chart grouping and aggregation, and new chart types for financial applications.

Building upon the launch of the company’s ThemeDesinger last year, ComponentOne has extended theming across the entire WinForms platform. “From a small button, to a Data entry form, users can now theme each and every element with only a single line of code,” said Justin Mack, technical engagement engineer at ComponentOne.

One of the most recognized WinForms controls, ComponentOne’s FlexGrid control has been updated for this release; users will be able to get filtered data and other column filters when filtering is applied on one column due to the new filter enhancements. Plus for user interface based reporting, users may utilize the C1ReportDesigner control to incorporate report design features into applications or if they choose, write unique full-fledged report designer applications.

ComponentOne’s Chart controls for XAML now support built-in grouping and aggregation. This feature allows the developer to display summarized data in a chart with just a small amount of code. Grouping can greatly improve the readability of a chart, and it will provide end users the exact dashboards they demand.
In addition, the XAML studios within Studio Enterprise support Microsoft’s UI automation framework which enables applications, such as screen readers, and coded UI testing to examine user interface elements.

For web developers, ComponentOne has a new chart type for visualizing stock market data in the ASP.NET Wijmo Candlestick Chart. This chart displays the Open, Close, High and Low Stock Prices for each day in the series. Candlestick Chart also includes the HighLow and OpenHighLowClose types. “All of these charts are ideal for displaying and analyzing financial data,” said Mack.

The company also made enhancements to its web product line by adding a new jQuery Mobile Theme and two new jQuery UI Themes to Wijmo, plus support for jQuery 1.4 and a new MVC5 template.

The company offers no-charge, 30-day trials of Studio Enterprise and each of its component suites, which may be downloaded at Online visitors may also access tutorials, forums, documentation, and videos as part of the ComponentOne experience.