and Open Composure will be introduced to the container and open source communities today at ContainerCon in Los Angeles. It’s a momentous event for the team formerly known as MosaixSoft, plus the dawn of a smarter and more elegant era for cloud architects, developers and everyone else involved with creating and operating cloud applications. is an AI-powered brain for cloud apps and services. It marries a next-generation Cloud Composer to an AI-powered Cloud Optimizer to form a Composable Cloud Optimizer that makes cloud operations run better and cheaper. Plus, its Cloud Graph delivers highly accessible visibility into cloud resources, services and apps. In short, apps comprised of containers and VMs alike are easily provisioned, enhanced and optimized by
Those capabilities mean that time-to-market shrinks, agility grows, and infrastructure costs get optimized to a minimum.
Two important notes about’s past and future. It was created by a company heretofore called MosaixSoft. The new name of has both literal and figurative meaning, the former about composing cloud infrastructure services and then using AI to optimize them, and the latter about the feeling of poise and readiness that Composure instills in its users.
Nelu Mihai, Ph.D., cofounder and VP of Engineering, commented, “ uses abstraction and AI-powered optimization to dramatically simplify the provisioning and operation of cloud apps. Unlike earlier approaches to this fundamental challenge of the cloud era, treats the cloud like a limitless computer. That unshackles apps from underlying infrastructure, simplifies and speeds up product cycles, and slashes operational costs.”
So that’s how the MosaixSoft past led to the present. Now to the future. is going to progress as an open source project known as Open Composure. While the team at will be primary committers to it, we will also be developing Brains that plug into it to instill elegance and smarts for popular cloud components like Cassandra, NGINX, Docker and many more.
Brett Galloway, cofounder and CEO commented, “We are thrilled to work with the community to extend how Open Composure develops. Our approach to open source is designed to provide the freedom of open source in a way that encourages innovation from both the community and from us.”