CoreOS has made a name for itself as the small Linux that supports containers, driving server consolidation. Today, however, CoreOS expanded its offerings to include Tectonic, a package that combines CoreOS and Google’s Project Kubernetes to provide a data-center-wide cloud platform that can quickly and reliably scale applications.

Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, said, “When we started CoreOS, we set out to build and deliver Google’s infrastructure to everyone else. Today, this goal is becoming a reality with Tectonic, which allows enterprises across the world to securely run containers in a distributed environment, similar to how Google runs their infrastructure internally.”

Kubernetes grew up internally at Google, and it is used to manage large container-based infrastructure deployments. Tectonic comes in two flavors: a full enterprise solution and a container platform. The container platform includes CoreOS, a container runtime and networking, a cluster-management system with a Web-based interface, and Kubernetes. The Enterprise solution comes with the entire container platform, along with deployment-automation tools.

Tectonic is available to select beta customers for now. And in addition, Google Ventures this morning announced that it had invested in CoreOS as a company.