Kong has announced that Kong 1.0 is now generally available. Kong is a Microservice API Gateway for managing, securing, and connecting hybrid and cloud-native technologies. The release includes features and fixes that will make Kong faster, more flexible, and resilient.

With this release, the company has made a commitment to making Kong backwards compatible.

Kong 1.0 includes the ability to be deployed as a service mesh proxy. It contains out of the box service mesh functionality and integrations with technologies such as Prometheus, Zipkin, health checks, canary, blue-green, and more.

With 1.0, Kong nodes can establish mutual TLS authentication with each other, in addition to routing TCP traffic to balance traffic from mail servers and other TCP-based applications.

Kong 1.0 also supports the gRPC protocol, which will enable users to launch more mesh deployments. It also includes a new migration framework and Plugin Development Kit.

“Although today we make the promise that Kong is stable and backward compatible, Kong is far from done. We’re excited to continue building the project and the community with you! We’re extremely grateful to our community for all of the support in getting us to this milestone, and we look forward to continuing to build and grow together,” Kong wrote in a post.