Node.js got an enterprise boost today, as NodeSource released a beta version of its NSolid platform. The new platform is based on Linux containers, and Kubernetes. Developers can use NSolid as their deployment platform for Node.js applications within a Kubernetes cluster.

The benefit of using the NSolid platform is that it can be plugged into Kubernetes management and scaling services. NSolid includes its own command-line interface and monitoring console, allowing developers to analyze the performance of their Node applications at scale.

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NSolid offers the ability to perform automated rollouts and rollbacks, giving developers the opportunity to quickly revert deployments if something goes wrong. The platform also includes service discovery and load balancing, thanks to integrations with Kubernetes.

Joe McCann, CEO and cofounder of NodeSource, said that Node.js and Linux containers are transforming how applications are deployed in the enterprise. “We are seeing a popular trend emerging among our enterprise customers with the adoption of containerization for Node.js and Kubernetes for cloud orchestration. Adding the powerful monitoring and security features of NSolid, we are creating the trifecta for high-performance Node.js services,” he said.

McCann is delivering a keynote address at Node Summit in San Francisco, which kicks off tomorrow. It is expected that he will offer further details on the platform during his keynote address tomorrow afternoon.