This week, we are featuring a new open-source project dedicated to Docker: RancherOS. RancherOS, created by Rancher Labs, is an operating system designed to fully embrace Docker.

“At Rancher Labs we focus on building tools that help customers run Docker in production, and we think RancherOS will be an excellent choice for anyone who wants a lightweight version of Linux ideal for running containers,” wrote Darren Shepherd, cofounder and chief architect at Rancher Labs, on the company’s blog.

Rancher runs all system services as Docker containers, such as udev and rsyslog. According to the company, the operating system features only the minimum amount of software necessary to run Docker, keeping the binary download to about 20MB.

The project is currently in its technical preview phase; Rancher Labs says it still has a couple more months to go before it is production ready.

“When we looked at simplifying large-scale deployments of Docker, there were no solutions available that truly embraced Docker,” wrote Shepherd. “We started the RancherOS project because we love Docker and feel we can significantly simplify the Linux distribution necessary to run it. Hopefully, this will allow users to focus more on their container workloads and less on managing the servers running them.”

More information is available here.

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week
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#2 Awesomplete: An ultra lightweight, usable and customizable autocomplete widget with zero dependencies. Lea Verou created Awesomplete with modern standards for modern browsers.

#3 JS must watch: A list of must-watch JavaScript videos from 2009 to 2015.

#4 Frontend Guidelines: A collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript best practices.

#5 Atlas: A library consisting of native iOS communication user-interface components. Atlas is designed to provide developers with a quick and easy way to integrate native iOS communications into their apps. It provides a number of complete user interface experiences and a library of individual views.