Coradiant released a new solution for companies looking to improve their website experience for customers. TrueSight Enterprise Edition allows IT professionals to monitor and react to an end user’s experience in real time.

Coradiant’s COO Ali Hedayati said the new solution has been reworked to handle increased traffic and to allow the customer to scale internally as well.

“The Web is a window to your customers, and this solution lets you monitor their experience as if you were in the store with them,” Hedayati said. He explained that customers would not return to a physical store location if it was too crowded or it took too long to check items out, and that in many instances, customers will not return to a website for the same reason.

“Despite the complexities associated with applications, companies rely on them to drive their business. However, end users—the people who rely most heavily on these applications—could care less of the complexity inside an organization’s IT infrastructure or applications,” said Milind Govekar, research vice president at Gartner.

“They care about how that service is performing, and if they can quickly and easily navigate through the site to complete a transaction.”

Hedayati explained that this solution could also be used to monitor mobile end-user interactions, which in his opinion are different based on the needs of the user. The mobile market, he said, will continue to increase as mobile phones and tablet devices continue to grow in processing power, enabling them to offer the same experience as desktop applications.