Netlify introduced new features, workflow, and automation for enterprises building modern web applications at scale. 

The new team governance features and Jira integration make it easier for large-scale enterprises to benefit from the Jamstack ecosystem and best practices. 

The company added a new integration with Jira to accelerate feedback on web projects, and availability of Netlify Enterprise on AWS Marketplace.

With team governance simplified with Enterprise Grid, organization owners can view and manage every Netlify web project across the business from a single, consolidated console. Also, developer admins can monitor usage, manage business unit-level billing and invoicing, set team permissions, and more. 

The new Netlify Deploy Previews enable development teams to share, review and manage feedback on web projects with feedback that can now flow through directly to Jira. Also, Netlify can be a part of a single cloud bill in AWS.

“I’m humbled by how many developers we’ve been able to unite in the Jamstack ecosystem to build a better web together so far. Today’s milestones at Netlify are a testament to the growth of this movement. Even more, with the latest product updates and the addition of three key leaders, Netlify is poised to break through to the next level of businesses prioritizing building differentiated and engaging user experiences on the modern web,” said Matt Biilmann, co-founder and CEO, Netlify.