Corso, a global solutions and consulting firm specializing in enterprise architecture and strategic planning, today announced new roadmapping capability for its Strategic Planning Platform, which integrates enterprise architecture, IT planning and strategic planning into a single, collaborative solution.
Corso now offers a roadmapping solution that supports and enhances two Open Group frameworks, ArchiMate 2.0 and TOGAF 9, within IBM Rational System Architect, a leading enterprise architecture and modelling software.

The new roadmapping extension provides capabilities in managing current and future state architectures, work packages and timelines/lifecycles /heatmaps—key areas for successful roadmapping and transition planning.  A roadmapping datasheet and white paper are available.
“Roadmapping is critical for building change-tolerant enterprise architectures that accurately describe and manage strategic business transformations,” said Martin Owen, CEO, Corso. “Our new solution gives enterprise architects the tools to more quickly map out a transition plan with deliverables for the organization. By tying plans to the business strategy, the architects can drive a faster development and implementation lifecycle.”

“Roadmaps are a very important part of Enterprise Architecture as they focus on the path between today and the future. Enterprise Architects can benefit from an automated, streamlined approach to developing and implementing roadmaps using TOGAF and ArchiMate. When targeted to the right audience, roadmapping provides a clear value oriented view of what actions are involved in moving between states. Linking to an organisation’s Portfolio Management discipline for the purpose of delivering business value is a critical success factor,” said Chris Forde, vice president, Enterprise Architecture, The Open Group.
The new Corso roadmapping solution offers these key capabilities:
· Automatic generation of timeline diagrams with milestones and dimensions.
· Work package definitions and resources so users can group and track specific actions.
· Heat maps that display a visual map of the state of the business and IT infrastructure and highlight cost overruns.
· Improved gap analysis through enhanced support for plateaus and gaps.
· Roadmap reports that enable users to see the current and future states of the architecture and work packages.
· Integration with IBM Rational Focal Point so that work packages and milestones can be used in portfolio management and prioritization initiatives.
· Lifecycle support for standard states such as application portfolio management.
· Export to office products such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel for easier sharing among stakeholders.
The roadmapping add-on is available from Corso’s website, and can be evaluated for 30 days without charge. For pricing information, contact Corso directly.
Corso’s Strategic Planning Platform is a comprehensive solution that integrates enterprise architecture, IT and strategic planning into a fully charged change process that elevates decision-making to a strategic level. This approach unites business and architecture views into one central platform and leverages existing tools and the Web to share information and decision-making across various teams within the organization. For more information about Corso and its roadmapping solutions, visit