Metanautix, a big data analytics company focused on simplifying the data supply chain, today announced a partnership with Couchbase to make integrating standard SQL with NoSQL data fast and easy. Metanautix Quest™ empowers organizations to use data of any shape, format, structure and location to enhance the business, build new products and improve compliance.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Metanautix to help our customers get breakthrough performance when connecting their NoSQL data to other sources within their enterprise at scale,” said Bob Wiederhold, CEO of Couchbase. “Because Metanautix Quest supports the full spectrum of data analytics with an enterprise-ready data platform that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, Couchbase customers can have unmatched performance, scalability, flexibility, and reliability in a package that best fits their needs.”

Developers around the world use the Couchbase platform to build enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications that support massive data volumes in real time, global deployments. Metanautix Quest integrates with Couchbase, making the Couchbase Server an accessible enterprise data source that can be queried, connected to, and reported using standard SQL, resulting in a high-performance, scalable, simplified, and transparent data supply chain.

“More and more enterprises rely on Couchbase for key applications. Integrating Couchbase and analyzing its NoSQL data with traditional data sources and a wide variety of data types, including video, audio and image files, provides the maximum value for an organization,” said Theo Vassilakis, CEO of Metanautix. “Metanautix Quest enables analysts to use standard tools like Tableau, established languages like standard SQL, and the power of next-generation distributed systems together when accessing document-oriented databases.”

For Couchbase Connect 15 next week, Metanautix will be releasing Quest 1.2.0 with Couchbase support as well as connectivity for Salesforce, Amazon S3, and Teradata. Among other features, the update will also support arrays and query history through SQL information schema views. Check out a demonstration of Quest 1.2.0 at or download it at

Jim Adler, Vice President of Products and Marketing at Metanautix, will also present on the Big Data Track at Couchbase Connect 2015. The session, titled “Metanautix Quest and Couchbase: Scalable Analytics Across NoSQL, RDBMS, and Hadoop,” will examine a new approach that makes it easy to quickly read and write big data from Couchbase, RDBMS, and Hadoop HDFS, while also performing visual, interactive analysis using leading BI tools like Tableau and Excel; and deploy in virtualized environments like VMware.