Coverity, Inc., the leader in development testing, today announced that developers can now explore the Coverity Development Testing Platform via a free, cloud-based trial, enabling them to more easily experience the power of development testing and its ability to help find and fix critical quality and security defects in their code, as they write it.

Through this new trial, developers can now upload Java, C# and C/C++ source code to Coverity’s secure cloud-testing platform. Once code has been uploaded, the Coverity platform analyzes the code and highlights high-impact defects, such as resource leaks, memory corruptions and security vulnerabilities. Developers using the cloud-based trial can also view real defects for a range of open source software projects, to see how other developers have found – and fixed – specific defects.

“We are excited to offer this new, easy way for the developer community to test out the highly effective Coverity platform,” said Anthony Bettencourt, chairman and chief executive officer for Coverity. “This cloud-based trial removes any barriers of entry for developers interested in test driving our platform and backs Coverity’s commitment to helping more developers write bug-free, secure software code.”

The Coverity Development Testing Platform enables developers to build quality and security testing into the development process at the earliest stage for fast, resilient and predictable software delivery. It also enables development organizations to focus their testing efforts so they can ensure critical issues are fixed, and the code that matters is tested before it leaves development.

The Coverity cloud trial is available now for projects written in Java, C# and C/C++. For more information, visit