Data access company CData released the CData API Driver that can be used to connect applications to an almost unlimited number of different APIs and services. 

“API integration has become a critical factor in driving overall business strategy as more and more data now lives outside of the firewall, stuck behind an explosion of APIs and web services. With the growth of SaaS & cloud computing and the widespread adoption of APIs & microservices across internal IT & operations, the long-tail of data connectivity is boundless,” CData wrote in a post.

CData included real-time connectivity to more than 75 new cloud data sources and it can be extended by developers to support new APIs and services, including internal systems and applications behind a firewall. 

Currently, the API Driver is available across all supported CData Driver and Adapter technologies, including ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, SSIS, Excel, and Power BI. 

“The CData API Driver closes the last mile between APIs and the greater ecosystem of analytics and integration tools. You can think of the API Driver like an API ‘USB port’ for your BI, ETL, reporting, and custom applications,” CData wrote.