Datical, the leading provider of database release automation solutions, today announced its enterprise-class platform will support the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Postgres families of cloud and on-premises databases, including Amazon RDS for Oracle, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. This enables enterprises to build greenfield cloud-native applications in AWS and use PostgreSQL to move on-premises legacy applications to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud makes it easier to provision and manage the lifecycle of database instances. However, this leads to a vast increase in the number of database instances under management. Database automation that’s built to work with the other tools in the DevOps and cloud application development toolchain is absolutely critical to maintain the consistency and security of datastores. Datical’s solution not only helps enterprises move their database workloads to the cloud, it also solves the new problems and complexities that come with moving applications to the cloud.

“The increased adoption of cloud computing is driving uptake for cloud-based databases as enterprises begin to develop, migrate and run even their most mission-critical applications in the cloud,” said Matt Aslett, research vice president of Data, AI and Analytics, 451 Research. “The flexibility to spin-up new database instances in the cloud makes it easier for application teams to grow their databases as their needs grow. However, it can also mean an order of magnitude increase in the databases under management. Database automation – rather than hiring more and more DBA resources – is the key to addressing this challenge. Datical’s launch of cloud database support provides a solution that helps its customers meet this challenge.”

Key Features and Capabilities
Organizations building greenfield cloud-native apps can leverage Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB Postgres, or PostgreSQL Community Edition, while organizations working to “lift and shift” legacy application database workloads to the cloud can do so through Amazon RDS for Oracle.

Enterprises using these platforms can now benefit from Datical’s core capabilities:

  • Change Management Simulator – Datical’s newly patented technology that eliminates database downtime by simulating the impact of database changes before they are deployed
  • Dynamic Rules Engine – Automatically applies database administrator rules during the application build and release process.
  • Database Code Packager – Automates and integrates database change management into the same application release process seamlessly, with zero downtime.
  • Deployment Monitoring Console – Tracks and reports the status of every database deployment across the enterprise, making audits a breeze.

“Datical is the first commercial offering of its kind that truly embraces the future of where databases live,” said Robert Reeves, CTO and co-founder of Datical. “We are delivering a future-proof solution that strongly aligns with where our customers are headed in the long term. Ultimately, we are dedicated to helping our customers build software better and faster, and enabling their success with Cloud is an essential component of that.”

Datical support for the additional AWS and PostgreSQL platforms will be generally available in Q3 2019. Demos on all these platforms are available today. Please contact sales@datical.com for demos and more information.