Enterprise and developer text retrieval solution provider dtSearch has announced a new database indexer add-on designed to extend its “off the shelf” research. The database indexer enables SQL indexing without any programming.

According to the company, without the indexer users will have to search SQL data with the dtSearch Engine SDK as well as C++, Java or .NET/.NET Core APIs. With the indexer, users can search SQL data either locally or remotely and on Azure or AWS. 

“What the Database Indexer does is to extend dtSearch’s instantly responsive fuzzy searching, phonic searching, relevancy ranking, synopsis options and the like to the SQL database,” said Ray Harris, CEO of dtSearch UK.  “The result is an easy to deploy, high availability SQL search system.”

The new database indexer also helps with terabyte indexing, and can create and search any number of indexes as well as perform incremental updates. 

Other updates the company is making today include: multithreaded, concurrent searching; more than 25 search options; document filters and supported data types; and updates to the dtSearch Engine SDK.