Dynatrace, the software intelligence company, today announced Grail, the new homegrown, core technology within its software intelligence platform. 

This core technology is intended to unify observability, security, and business data from cloud native and multi-cloud environments.

Grail also retains context from the data it unifies and works to deliver fast and accurate AI-powered answers and automation. 

Dynatrace stated that Grail was created in order to help ITOps, DevOps, SRE, and security teams manage the increase of data brought on by the transition to hybrid and multicloud environments as well as eliminate silos.

Currently, Dynatrace is planning to leverage Grail’s technology for log analytics and management. However, according to the company, In the future, it will extend the technology for additional IT, development, security, and business analytics solutions. 

“Sprawling and dynamic cloud-native and multicloud environments are an ecosystem of various technologies and services, and the composition changes by the second,” said Stephen Elliot, group vice president, I&O, cloud operations, and DevOps at IDC. “This paradigm makes it critical for organizations to acquire a platform with advanced AI, analytics, and automation capabilities. The platform must be able to ingest all observability, security, and business data, put it in an accurate context in real time, and facilitate access to data-backed insights when needed.”

Additionally, Grail operates in conjunction with other core Dynatrace platform technologies, such as OneAgent, Smartscape, PurePath, and Davis.

For customers using Dynatrace SaaS on AWS, Grail for log management and analytics is expected to become available within the next 30 days. To learn more, visit the resource center or the website