The AI-powered independent data layer Mapped now has a no-cost, self-service Starter Plan offering for software development and data science teams. 

With the new plan, software developers and data scientists can automate data extraction and standardization. 

Mapped simplifies the data integration process into a single API and with the latest launch, enables application developers to connect cloud data in less than four minutes and on-prem data in four hours with the paid plans, the company stated. 

The Mapped platform can ingest data from cloud-based connectors that integrate with GoogleCalendar, VergeSense, Cisco, Microsoft 365, OpenPath, and many others with an API

Interface. The extracted raw data is then transformed onto the open-source graph Brick Schema. 

“Mapped is solving a very important problem by unifying siloed data across systems, devices, sensors and applications and transforming the data from people, places, and things into an easily consumable format, thus minimizing integration challenges

of rolling out new applications across different locations,” said Jose de Castro, the CTO of Mapped. “We want to make this platform accessible to everyone and eliminate months of manual integration efforts by using machine learning that allows software developers to unlock value from data within minutes.”